Quacks of Quedlinburg + Expansions Token Set


Akriliniai žetonai stalo žaidimui Quacks of Quedlinburg ir papildymams.

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Akriliniai žetonai stalo žaidimui Quacks of Quedlinburg ir papildymams.


Do you want your potions to be even better and solve all possible problems? Become the ultimate quack surgeon by brewing potions from these beautiful, colorful ingredients. Tokens will provide you with tons of fun during the game. Furthermore, we used some of our secret potions to make them indestructible!

The huge token set for The Quack of Quedlinburg and expansions (The Alchemist + The Herb Witches) – contains 445 pcs of ingredient tokens!

The Quacks of Quedlinburg – base game 219 pcs:
• White bombs 20x-1, 8x-2, 4x-3 + (1x 1,2,3 extra)
• Toadstool 12x-1, 8x-2, 10x-4
• Pumpkin 20x-1
• Mandrake 13x-1, 6x-2, 10x-4
• Garden spider 15x-1, 10x-2, 13x-4
• Crow skull 14x-1, 10x-2, 10x-4
• Ghost’s breath 15x-1
• African death’s head hawkmoth 18x-1
The Quacks of Quedlinburg – The Alchemist – 156 pcs:
• White Bombs 6x-1, 3x-2, 2x-3 (1x 1,2,3 extra)
• Toadstool 6x-1, 5x-2, 5x-4
• Pumpkin 12x-1
• Mandrake 6x-1, 5x-2, 5x-4
• Garden Spider 10x-1, 5x-2, 5x-4
• Crow Skull 8x-1, 5x-2, 5x-4
• Ghost’s Breath 8x-1
• African death’s head hawkmoth 8x-1
• 6-value Pumpkins – 20x
• Locoweed – 25x
The Quacks of Quedlinburg – The Herb Witches – 70 pcs
• White Bombs 25x-1, 10x-2, 5x-3
• Locoweed 30x
Ultra-durable tokens, made of 2mm plexiglass. Printed in UV technology with a translucent effect. Tokens have the same dimensions as cardboard ones. They also fit in our insert.
Our acrylic tokens grant a much more immersive experience in your favorite board games. Make your components indestructible!

This set is not an official product.

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