Red Explosion Dice Tray


Labai gražus ir patogus dėklas kauliukams mėtyti.

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Labai gražus „Kauliukų bokštas“ (Dice Tower).

e-Raptor’s Red Explosion Dice Tray

is our new product for gamers, a great looking alternative to our Dice Towers.

Designed to improve gameplay of the board game, it is made of high quality HDF and has a beautiful overprint on the bottom and at the sides. For those who consider the sound of rolling dice too noisy, it is available with matched piece of felt which can be attached to the tray. It can be assembled without glue. The tray can hold dice, reduces mess on the table and, most importantly, makes rolling the dice more fun.

Height: 3 cm
Width: 23 cm
Lenght: 23 cm

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